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*  NiCHEM manufactures a line of Acid Catalysts.They are p-TSA or DDBSA based and are available blocked and not blocked.. 

* NiCHEM manufactures a line of Anticorrosives.This  includes Chromates (Zinc Chromate, Basic Zinc Chromate, Calcium  Chromate, Barium, Chromate           Magnesium Chromate, Strontium  Chromate) and Zinc Phosphate and our unique chrome free Strontium  Phoshate. All of our Chromates are also available in dispersion form. 

*   NiCHEM manufactures screen print,flexo gravure and UV curable ink.

*  NiCHEM manufactures Potassium Chlorate, Zirconium  Hydride, Zirconium Nickel, Elemental Amorphous Boron Powder,  Diethylether, Titanium Subhydride, 2-NDPA and Ammonium Perchlorate. 

*  NiCHEM processes all types of Carnauba Wax,   Type 1,2,3, and 4  

Toll Processing

 We have expertise and equipment in a variety of areas. 







*Processing Butyl Rubber Solutions


*Stainless Steel Rotary Kiln

*Mill (Ball, 3-Roll, Sand, Hammer)

*Filter Presses

*High Speed Dispersers

*Double Arm and Sigma Blade Mixers

*Bagging Stations

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